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Questions relating to us-Qiaowang

Q:Who are we?

We are Qiaowang pulp packing products company that was founded in 2002 as a manufacturer and exporter of pulp tableware made of 100% bagasse.

Q:What kind of products do we make?

clamshell, box’s, bowls, plates, trays and cups.

Q: What countries do we export to?

Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and South Korea.

Q:How many employees do we have?

We employ 330 employees including administrative staffs.

Q: Do you have child employee in our factory?


Questions relating to Bagasse - - - Sugar Cane Fiber

Q: What is Bagasse?

Bagasse is sugarcane fiber.

Q: What are the benefits of using bagasse?

Bagasse is 100% compostable and is totally biodegrade in 180 days.


Q: How well does bagasse handle heat?

Bagasse tableware will handle hot food and beverages up to 190 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also

microwave safe.

Q:Can the products be put in refrigerator?


Q:Are our products microwavable?


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