Group Company

Nanning Sugar Industry Co., Ltd.,

Founded in July 1996, listed on the shenzhen stock exchange in May 1999, the total capital of 324.08 million shares, state-owned shares accounted for 42.20%, currently is the largest domestic Sugar Industry of the state holding listed company, Sugar Industry top ten enterprises of China light Industry.Mainly engaged in the production and sales of sugar and machine-made paper, with a daily processing capacity of 48,400 tons of sugar cane and an annual capacity of 700,000 tons of machine-made sugar.Currently, there are 6 sugar enterprises, 4 main holding subsidiaries and more than 4500 employees.In April 2019, guangxi rural investment group co., ltd. will become the new controlling shareholder of nanning sugar industry. It will make full use of the internal and external resources of guangxi agricultural investment group, and lead nanning sugar industry to further improve industrial concentration and enhance comprehensive competitiveness.


Guangxi Rural Investment Group Co., LTD. 

It is a large-scale state-owned capital investment group established in December 2015 owned by the guangxi government , with a registered capital of 7.1 billion yuan.Main business covers the rural infrastructure, rural ecological construction, ecological agriculture, agricultural modernization, rural agricultural investment etc., and the business such as power supply, power generation, water supply, electricity supply industry, hydropower industry, water production and supply industry, gas production and supply industry, the real estate industry and business, such as natural gas, photovoltaic power supply construction and investment have distribution in guangxi 40 county, city, district, a total of 110 tertiary enterprises and 1 large power generation companies in XinJiang, 26000 employees in the system.