More Value Adding 

Biodegradable,compostable and robust,bagasse not only offers minimal environmental impact,it also performs impressively.If you are looking for an eco-conscious packaging material that is suitable for hot-fills,microwaves and freezers,it is the most naturally choice.

We provide many solutions to help you to build and strengthen your brand , to make the product with better performance,to help your product outstanding.Includ Customized products, Pat printing, Retail Packing,high Traceability,Lamination,and Plastic Lid.

6370442045416702636353252.pngTo develop a Customized product we offer you :

◆More than ten years of new product development experience.

◆An efficient and united R&D team.

◆Trust ,more than 100 items of customized products were go into mass goods

◆A one stop service---design,production evaluation, test production,mass goods production.

Pad printing

◆Almost all of the pantone color can be print.

◆The image with one color ,and two colors the most can be print. 

◆One and more than one position can be print.


Retail packing

◆Soft shrink wrap.

◆Tight shrink wrap. 

◆Lable sticking.

6370442073096391458488648.pngThe product will with better water and oil resistance ability and will get rid of rice sticking when after with lamination. We provide the following films:







If you want to have a visible solution,to fit the food container with transparent
Plastic Lid is another option.